In the research in Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems it is often required to do numerical computations. A wide set of computational skills is needed. In my research about partial control I usually have to carry out heavy simulations that I run in the Computational Lab of the Physics Department at URJC. I write the code for those simulations in C, C++ or matlab depending on the level or performance needed in each particular case.

In addition, I have built and I carry out the maintenance of the Computational Lab of the Physics Department that includes:

  • A cluster with 8 nodes and more than 100 cores.
  • Five computational servers.
  • The network that interconnects all the systems.
  • A web server and the web page of the Physics Department.

  • Matlab

  • C

  • C++

  • MPI

  • LaTex

  • Linux

  • HPC

  • Joomla!

  • LAN

  • Gimp